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    Jason Derulo I'm Making Fortune Off TikTok ... And You Can Too!!!


    Jason Derulo is losing teeth and adding stacks of cash thanks to TikTok ... and he says you don't have to be a famous singer or mess up your grill to start raking in the dough.

    The "Cats" star and "Swalla" singer tells TMZ ... anybody can make a killing off the video creation app, as long as you create your own space and find a niche.

    Jason's certainly found his TikTok calling ... and we're not just talking viral music trends.

    TikTok / @jasonderulo

    If you haven't discovered his page, it's full of funny videos of Jason in quarantine, which usually end with some missing chompers.

    While JD says TikTok is running the music industry -- the most popular songs on the app are also the most popular songs in the world -- he's not ready to ditch his singing career and focus only on TikTok.

    Still, Jason says he's got another big move in the works ... and he gives us a preview of his upcoming TikTok alter ego. Think superhero, but with an anaconda!!!

    Nature Gone Wild Our Benz Got Bear-Jacked!!!

    An industrious bear is drawn to the finer things in life ... and if you don't believe it, watch the video of the majestic animal deftly finding a way into a fancy Mercedes.

    The video is hysterical. It appears the people narrating were occupants of the car, until they went for a hike and noticed the very large brown bear rooting around for food.


    The audacity... ever seen a bear try to steal a car? ?? ##bear ##nature ##tiktok ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##viral ##trending ##gay ##ileftchickfilainthecar

    ? original sound - madlyexplore

    The bear then spots the Mercedes and beelines it for the whip. Check out how he/she opens the door. This isn't his/her first rodeo ... or bear-jacking.

    Then the question ... how do you scare a bear away? Experts are divided, although the prevailing view is quietly stay clear.

    These folks were anything but quiet, and guess what ... it worked!!!

    Fear not, brown bear ... there's a Honda in your future.

    Boater Rescue A Cooler Saved Our Lives!!!

    Two men may have some ice-cold drinks to thank for their survival, because they were rescued in the deep blue ocean after clinging to a styrofoam cooler.

    It went down in the Gulf of Mexico. Adam Vetter says he was heading to shore in his boat at around 6:30 PM when he spotted 2 men in the ocean, clinging to the cooler. They were spotted 12 miles offshore from Hudson Beach, Florida.

    Adam spotted a sinking boat, and then -- in the distance -- spotted the 2 men in the water, clinging for life and waving their hands wildly in the air.

    The 2 men say they were holding on for dear life for nearly 4 hours. Adam and his crew pulled the 2 men up on their boat to safety.

    This could have gone much worse. Adam and crew didn't spot the boat when it was in front of them ... they were 1 1/2 to 2 miles away from the sinking boat and the 2 men, but someone saw something and the 2 men are alive as a result. The fact the cooler was white helped, because it stood out in the water.

    Good job.

    Life in the Fast Lane ... Fireworks Show Stops Traffic on 5 Freeway

    This is not what Katy Perry meant ... 50 cars filled with folks who seemed to have Independence Day on their minds, blocked traffic on the 5 Freeway Friday night for a fireworks show.

    It went down in Norwalk, near downtown L.A. It was clearly choreographed. Unsuspecting drivers had nowhere to turn as explosive sounds filled the night.

    Aside from the fact that it's kind of a bonehead move to do this to drivers in the middle of all this craziness, the show was pretty cool.

    It went down at around 10 PM and as fast as it started, it was over. They clearly knew if they hung around there would be consequences. It's illegal to set off fireworks in L.A. County with certain exceptions for controlled displays ... and this clearly wasn't one.

    The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. showed up, but a little too late. We're told so far, no suspects.

    Middle East Just 'Cause it's 2020 ... Bring on the Locusts!!!

    Caters News

    Maybe there's something to that Old Testament ... on the heels of the coronavirus global pandemic, we now have locusts swarming the Middle East.

    Biblical plagues for 500, Alex?

    This disturbing video comes from the Middle East, where the insects are swarming on a highway so badly ... it's affecting visibility and bringing traffic to a near halt.

    The ghastly sight -- of biblical proportions, some might say -- is scarily becoming a more common occurrence in the Middle East, South Asia and parts of eastern Africa ... where billions of the hungry locusts are threatening to cause famine.

    These desert bugs feast on crops in the area and are leaving a trail of destruction and destroying food supplies. Food and health officials are worried the locusts -- along with the COVID-19 crisis -- could lead to more people starving to death.

    In a prime example of horrible timing, the locusts are reportedly the worst they've been in decades in countries like Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia ... and are ravaging thousands of acres of crops in Yemen, Pakistan and India.

    To get a clearer picture of how horrific the situation is ... officials reported a layer of dead locusts piled 6 inches high after an area was sprayed with pesticides.

    Yuck, yikes and dear Lord!!! Never a good time for a locust swarm, but this is a particularly BAD time.

    Monkey Rescue Mama Sees, Mama Saves Baby ... From High Wire Drama!!!


    There's little more intense than watching a high-wire act, but when you add in a daring rescue all bets are off -- thankfully, monkeys are pretty good at this stuff.

    This high drama played out in northern India when somehow a little primate found itself in a precarious situation ... stranded on some power lines too far from a rooftop to jump back to safety.

    As the baby monkey struggled to hold on and cried for help, its mother got busy working on a rescue plan, and mustering up the courage to risk her own life.

    After a couple tense minutes, and another anxious monkey from the pack coming over to watch, the mama finally made the leap -- but she had to abort the plan and reassess.

    Her second attempt went much better, though ... and she quickly scooped the babe up in her arms and jumped back to the roof safely. Whew!!

    No biz like show biz, but monkey business is pretty damn entertaining.

    And, we know what you're thinking -- we know it's the mama monkey, because papa monkey went out for smokes.

    Canadian Military Jet Crashes ... Caught on Video

    Breaking News

    A Canadian military jet crashed just after takeoff, and the entire flight was caught on video.

    The plane took off in tandem with another jet from Kamloops Airport at 11:30 AM. Both pilots are part of the Snowbirds. They've been flying around Canada for a few weeks for something called Operation Inspiration. The goal is to boost morale for Canadians who have been stuck in isolation due to the coronavirus.

    Seconds after takeoff, as both planes gained altitude, one suddenly circled back toward the runway ... presumably, the pilot realized something was seriously wrong.

    The distressed plane did a barrel roll and then plunged to the ground. Just before the aircraft hit, the pilot ejected. An eyewitness says he believed 2 people may have been on board.

    The plane hit a home, which burst into flames. You see a parachute on the roof of the house.

    We don't know if there were fatalities, and if so, how many.

    Story developing ...

    LAFD Firefighters Engulfed in Flames, Seriously Injured Fleeing Exploding Building

    Exclusive Video

    A group of brave Los Angeles firefighters were hospitalized after they were caught in a massive fireball while fleeing an exploding building ... and it's all on wild video.

    The scary moment went down Saturday evening in Downtown L.A., where LAFD crew members were responding to a structure fire at a warehouse-type building near Little Tokyo, which quickly escalated into a dangerous situation that required everyone to get out.

    LAFD says smoke started rising way too quickly and the inside was getting hotter by the second. Suddenly ... an explosion rang out and the building was starting to become engulfed in flames. While trying to safely exit, a group of about 7 firefighters had to climb down their firetruck ladder from a window -- and cross the red hot flames in the process.

    About 3 to 4 of them were actually set completely ablaze as they were making their way down -- becoming fully engulfed in the fire ball all around them that was raging like crazy. Parts of their helmets melted, and their jackets caught on fire too. Even some of the firetruck's seats began to burn as a result ... according to LAFD spokesman Erik Scott.

    The footage of the moment when a handful of them were caught in the blaze is insane to watch -- it was even caught from a couple different angles, including drone footage you can see here. Scott described it as directly walking through a 30-foot blowtorch. Yikes ...

    At least eleven firefighters were hospitalized as a result, and 4 of them are in the ICU in critical condition. Fortunately, all of them are expected to survive ... which is truly a miracle.

    As for how the fire started, the official cause is still under investigation. However, it's reported that the warehouse in question was a local supplier for those who manufacture butane honey oil ... which is highly flammable. Multiple buildings caught fire, and it took hundreds of firefighters to finally temper the flames into the night.

    Plumes of smoke filled the sky and tons of ash were left behind on the ground during and afterward. Give it up for those first-responders putting their lives on the line -- not an easy job.

    LAPD Violent Arrest Body Cam Vid Released ... Showing Officer Punching Man


    LAPD is releasing body cam footage of a brutal arrest ... showing an officer unloading punch after punch after punch on a man accused of trespassing on a vacant lot.

    The April 27 arrest made national news last week thanks to a citizen's video of the incident, but now we can see and hear everything leading up to the arrest. Two officers responded to a call for alleged trespassing, and at first the man -- wearing an Eric Dickerson Rams jersey -- left the lot without incident.

    Once the man was on the sidewalk, though, things got heated. The officers told him to leave the area, but he refused, saying he was doing nothing wrong because his family lives there. It quickly turned into an argument as the man said, "What the f**k you gonna do, my boy?" ... and the officer told him to assume the position.

    The man said, "You don't f**king scare me fa***t" ... and the officer then attempted to get his hands behind his back to slap on handcuffs. That's when a struggle began, and one officer started swinging on the suspect ... throwing more than 20 punches, while his partner stood at the ready to fire her taser.

    Back up eventually arrived and the man was arrested. He was later released with cuts to his head and face.

    Police Chief Michael Moore says he's releasing the body cam footage to show transparency on the part of the LAPD. He says the officer who threw the punches has been taken off the street pending an Internal Affairs investigation.

    Indianapolis Live Stream Shooting Man ID'd as Sean Reed ... Mike Epps's Furious


    8:41 AM PT -- The shooting victim has been identified as 21-year-old Sean Reed. The shooting sparked outrage and protests Thursday attended by more than 100 community activists and organizers. Comedian Mike Epps, who is from Indianapolis, also chimed in on the fatal shooting calling on the cops to be punished. He added, "We gotta stop giving them an opportunity to kill us. They’re killing us because [they're] watching us kill us.


    6:21 PM PT -- The shooting victim is dead ... according to local news reports. Police reportedly claim they used a stun gun on the man before the fatal shooting.

    5:58 PM PT -- According to the police scanner, cops were in pursuit of a vehicle around 6 PM and the car chase lasted for about 10 minutes before officers called it off.

    A few minutes later, an officer reported seeing the driver of the vehicle from the pursuit running near the intersection from the video. An officer later said there was a shooting and the subject from the chase was down.

    A man running from cops was gunned down by police after bailing from a car ... and the officer-involved shooting was captured on the dude's live stream.

    The wild scene unfolded Wednesday afternoon in Indianapolis ... and the video picks up with the man behind the wheel of a car, calling out the street he was on ... and pleading for someone to "come get my stupid ass." All of this as he live streamed from a phone.

    After bailing from the car, he started running on foot. It sounds like someone yelled, "Stop, stop." Then you clearly hear him respond, "F**k you" ... and then a flurry of gunshots rang out as the man fell to the ground. The phone's camera came to rest pointed up toward the sky ... and continued streaming.

    That was followed by tons of police sirens and someone screaming, "Oh my God!"

    Indianapolis police confirm there was an officer-involved shooting at the intersection the man yelled out on the video. It's unclear if the man was armed or why he was even on the run. Police say no officers were injured.

    Much of the video is shaky and there's no perspective as to what was happening around him, but police say they're investigating what led up to the gunfire.

    Story developing ...

    Originally Published -- 5/6 5:42 PM PT

    Glow-in-the-Dark Dolphins Bioluminescence Tech Moves Inland To Bigger, Coastal Mammals

    Patrick Coyne/Newport Coastal Adventure

    The glowing dolphin phenomenon is closer to shore than ever before in Southern California's own backyard -- now, we got some coastal dolphins lighting up the night sea!

    Check out this video from photographer Patrick Coyne, who -- like last time -- tracked down more flipper swimmers out near Newport Beach, who were lighting up with blue fluorescence underwater in the pitch-black dead of night ... and pretty close to land too.

    In the vid, he makes a distinction between these dolphins -- which are bottlenose (AKA coastal) dolphins -- and the ones he caught on camera about a week or so ago, which are just common dolphins, and go further out in the water than these little guys do.

    As we've explained ... the way the dolphins can glow the way they do here is attributed to bioluminescence. Basically, phytoplankton in the water have been doused in this, and they make the surrounding water shine bright in the dark. That includes anything swimming in the ocean as well, obviously.


    Patrick makes a note in the clip that coastal dolphins seem to be using their newfound power to their advantage -- and you can imagine as much. They're smart animals, so if they're able to see better with this, they're probably going to town with it in their journey.

    Neon Surfing Riding Blue Waves Looks Cool!!! But it's Kinda Scary Too

    Bo Bridges Gallery

    Outta the way, glowing dolphins -- surfers are getting in on the action to SoCal's rad, glowing blue waves!!!

    Here's some awesome late night video of a wake surfer and his buds enjoying Mother Nature at its finest. The crew headed out Wednesday night, about a mile off shore from Redondo Beach and photographer Bo Bridges captured the neon action.

    Bo says it's the best bioluminescence he's seen in about 15 years, and as soon as they headed out you could see why. The water was glowing all around them. The super cool visuals are caused by an annual algae bloom.

    There is a bit of a fear factor, though. The surfer went down at one point, which means floating in the pitch dark ocean ... all alone. Well, except for the creatures swimming around that you can now suddenly see glowing.

    Think neon "Jaws" -- and that might explain the surfer's reaction at the end of this video.


    Tons of surfers -- human and otherwise -- have been riding the bioluminescent waves. Last week, a photog captured a pod of dolphins soaking up the glow.

    BTW, Bo chalks up this year's vivid bioluminescence to good timing -- a warm swell of warm coinciding with the algae bloom. He says in the daylight the water actually looks brown and muddy.

    Science, baby!!!

    Pod of Dolphins Glow in the Dark ... It's Called SCIENCE!!!


    These SoCal dolphins are lit, y'all -- quite literally, and while it might look out of this world ... it's just simple bioluminescence.

    The incredible nature scene played out Wednesday just after sunset in Newport Beach ... but the footage, captured by photographer Patrick Coyne, didn't start spreading like fire until it was posted Thursday night by a popular whale watching company.

    Coyne, who also recently shot bioluminescent waves crashing the shore, said it was incredibly challenging capturing the dolphin vid ... trying to spot what you're looking for in pitch black conditions. It almost didn't happen.

    As he put it, "We were out for a few hours and on our final stretch back we finally had 2 dolphins pop up to start the incredible glowing show."

    So, what makes them glow? Well, obviously it's caused by algae in the water around the dolphins. Duh!!! (Yeah, we Googled).

    According to National Geographic, bioluminescent phytoplankton is what gives the surf its electric blue glow. The bioluminescence could also be a form of self-defense for the algae.

    Whatever. All we know is it looks REALLY cool!!!

    Denny's Topless Woman Goes on Rampage ... Grand Slams ALL Plates!!!


    No mooning over Miami -- this half-naked woman was topless -- but she did serve up her own version of a Grand Slam ... destroying at least 100 plates in a SoCal Denny's.

    The topless woman was caught on video Thursday around 11:20 AM grabbing plates from a large stack in the seating area of the Hawthorne, CA restaurant ... and smashing the hell out of them.

    Her rampage went on for at least a couple minutes as patrons and employees yelled for her to stop. Her only reply was, "Shut the f*** up, man" -- and then quickly back to the bang-up work at hand.

    Police showed up while she was still in the middle of her plate-chucking riot, and eventually controlled the situation and detained the woman.

    Cops tell us they'd gotten a call about a woman at a bus stop taking her clothes off, and arguing with people before making her way into the Denny's.

    We're told she was detained and will undergo a mental evaluation -- cops believe she was under the influence of something.

    BTW, the Denny's is closed for regular dining due to the coronavirus, but still open for online order pickups -- which, luckily, don't require plates.

    Krakatoa Huge Eruption Lights Up Night!!!


    Krakatoa is at it again, a massive overnight eruption -- the largest since 2018's deadly blast -- threw ash miles into the air, and put on a wicked light show.

    The famed and feared volcano blew its top Friday night, and it was loud enough that people 100 miles away in Jakarta, Indonesia reported hearing it. A webcam planted on the slope of the volcano captured images of the lava and ash shooting into the sky.

    Researchers say the eruption sent ash 9 miles up, and while the video looks pretty cool ... locals had to be pretty terrified.

    Krakatoa -- it's actually Little Krakatao, but we don't wanna give it a complex -- last erupted this powerfully in December 2018.

    DECEMBER 2018

    That event triggered a tsunami that killed more than 400 people on a neighboring island. Friday night's eruption was much less powerful, and there are no casualties reported.

    Plain old history buffs know the OG Krakatoa erupted in 1883, killing more than 36,000 people ... perhaps the most deadly ever.

    While 'SpongeBob' history buffs know it from a 2002 episode.

    Old news is old news!
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