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    Little Tony in 'Escape To Witch Mountain' 'Memba Him?!

    Texas child actor Ike Eisenmann was only 13 years old when he shot to stardom after taking on the role of the harmonica playing orphan alien, Tony -- who uses his psychic abilities and cunning kid smarts to find his way home -- in Disney's 1975 fantasy film, "Escape to Witch Mountain."

    Ike Eisenmann was cast alongside Eddie Albert as the helpful dude with an R.V., Jason O'Day ... and of course, Kim Richards (yes, the one from "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills") as the telepathic sister sidekick, Tia.

    Ike went on to act in the 1978 sequel, "Return from Witch Mountain," and can even be spotted in the 2009 remake, "Race to Witch Mountain," featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

    Guess what he looks like now at 57 years old!

    Londo Mollari on 'Babylon 5' 'Memba Him?!

    New York City native Peter Jurasik is best known for his role as the Centauri diplomat with a crazy haircut Londo Mollari -- who serves as the Emperor of the Centauri Republic -- in the '90s space show "Babylon 5."

    Peter Jurasik shared the science fiction screen with some awesome actors including Andreas Katsulas as the reptile looking Narn native, G'Kar ... and Mira Furlan as the Mir hottie, Delenn.

    Jurasik is also known for his characters Sid The Snitch on the '80s show "Hill Street Blues" and Crom in the 1982 futurist film "Tron."

    Guess what he looks like now at 70 years old!

    'Gucci Gucci' Rapper Kreayshawn 'Memba Her?!

    Northern California music maker Kreayshawn (real name Natassia Gail Zolot) gained fame in 2011 after her luxury brand-based single, "Gucci Gucci," went viral ... and even landed an MTV VMA nomination for Best New Artist.

    Kreayshawn is one-third of the rap gang, White Girl Mob ... or WGM for short ... which included her friends, V-Nasty and Lil Debbie.

    Kreayshawn and the White Girl Mob went on to produce other songs like "Pipe Down" and "Pizza Song" ... a few podcasts, clothing companies and much more, but Kreayshawn's greatest creation was her son, Desmond, in 2013.

    Guess what she looks like now!

    Little Michael Corinthos on 'General Hospital' 'Memba Him?!

    California kid Dylan Cash was only eight years old when he became a soap star after he landed the role of Michael Corinthos (full name Michael Morgan Corinthos III) for a 6-year stretch in the early 2000s on the iconic ABC soap opera, "General Hospital."

    Dylan Cash was cast alongside his on-screen adoptive parents including Tamara Braun as the cool-headed maternal figure, Carly Corinthos, and Maurice Benard as the manic mob boss father figure, Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Jr.

    Cash ultimately was aging too quickly for the 'GH' character, so Michael was written off the show by putting him into a coma after getting shot in the head.

    Guess what he looks like now!

    Renee Raddick on 'Ally McBeal' 'Memba Her?!

    Brooklyn based actress Lisa Nicole Carson gained fame in the late '90s after she landed the role of the best friend and roomie Renee Raddick on the long-running legal drama "Ally McBeal."

    Lisa Nicole Carson was cast alongside some pretty stellar actors including Jane Krakowski as the spunky Elaine Vassal, Portia de Rossi as the legal-eagle, Nelle Porter, Lucy Liu as the judge Ling Woo, Vonda Shepard on the piano ... and of course Calista Flockhart as the title role, Ally McBeal.

    Carson is also known for her role as Carla Reese on the hospital drama "ER."

    Guess what she looks like now!

    Little Ritchie on 'The New Adventures Of Old Christine' 'Memba Him?!

    California kid Trevor Gagnon was only 11 years old when he landed the role of small son Richard "Ritchie" Campbell Jr. -- the 3rd grader who gets pulled in two directions by his old and new moms -- in the early 2000s CBS sitcom, "The New Adventures of Old Christine."

    Trevor Gagnon was cast on the family-friendly show opposite actors like Clark Gregg as Richard Campbell Sr., Emily Rutherfurd as the new Christine Hunter ... and of course, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the old Christine Campbell.

    Gagnon is also well known for playing Loogie in the rockin' 2009 movie, "Shorts."

    Guess what he looks like now at 24 years old!

    Six on 'Blossom' 'Memba Her?!

    Connecticut actress Jenna Von Oy was only 13 years old when she landed the life-changing role of the best friend with speedy speech, Six LeMeure -- who has a huge crush on Joey Russo -- on the long-running '90s NBC sitcom "Blossom."

    Jenna Von Oy shared the small screen with an epic cast of characters including Joey Lawrence as the dreamy older brother, Joey Russo, Michael Stoyanov as the troubled eldest brother, Tony Russo ... and of course Mayim Bialik as the floppy hat-wearing sister and BFF, Blossom.

    Jenna later had a standout role as Stevie Van Lowe on "The Parkers."

    Guess what she looks like now at 43 years old!

    No Doubt Bassist Tony Kanal 'Memba Him?!

    British bassist Tony Kanal was only 25 years old when he gained fame after his band, No Doubt, dropped their 3rd album, "Tragic Kingdom" ... which featured smash hits like "Don't Speak," "Spiderwebs," "Just A Girl" and "Sunday Morning."

    Tony Kanal was joined on stage with the epic No Doubt bandmates including the spunky drummer, Adrian Young, the lanky guitarist, Tom Dumont ... and of course, the punk princess and lead singer, Gwen Stefani.

    Kanal still plays music with the supergroup, Dreamcar, and recently celebrated 8 years of clean eating as a vegan.

    Guess what he looks like now at 49 years old!

    Todd on 'Scrubs' 'Memba Him?!

    New York City-native Robert Maschio is best known for his role as the high-fiving, Speedo-sporting, Dr. Todd "The Todd" Quinlan  -- who rocks a "DOC" tattoo and sleeveless medical wares -- on the long-running comedy, "Scrubs."

    Robert Maschio was staffed at Sacred Heart Hospital alongside a cool cast of actors including Zach Braff and Donald Faison as the bedside BFFs, J.D. and Turk, Sarah Chalke as the blonde babe, Dr. Elliot Reid, Judy Reyes as the hot nurse, Carla ... and of course, John C. McGinley as the abrasive wise-cracking, know-it-all, Dr. Perry Cox.

    Maschio is now a real estate agent in Los Angeles' westside and available for cameo appearances.

    Guess what he looks like now!

    Celia Solis on 'Desperate Housewives' 'Memba Her?!

    Daniella Baltodano was only 5 years old when she was slung into the limelight after landing the role of the strong and silent middle sibling Celia Solis on the final 5 seasons of the dramatic suburban television series "Desperate Housewives."

    Danielle Baltodano was cast alongside her on-screen big sister Juanita Solis played by Madison De La Garza (who's Demi Lovato's real sister), her good looking father Carlos Solis, played by Ricardo Chavira ... and of course her hot housewife mother Gabrielle Solis, played by the eye-popping Eva Longoria.

    Baltodano later appeared on one episode of "Shameless" in 2014.

    Guess what she looks like now!

    Roy Anderson on 'The Office' 'Memba Him?!

    Newport Beach boy, David Denman, has a laundry list of impressive television credits. But, on the top of that list (preferably written on Dunder Mifflin paper stock) is his role as the warehouse worker and Pam Beesly's ex-fiance, Roy Anderson, in the first few seasons of the US version of the hilarious TV series, "The Office."

    David Denman worked alongside some epic actors including John Krasinski as the sharp-witted salesman, Jim Halpert, Jenna Fischer as the sexy receptionist and artist, Pam Beesly ... and of course, Steve Carell as the bumbling boss, Michael Scott.

    More recently, Denman can be spotted in the 2019 movie, "Brightburn," and the scary TV show, "Outcast."

    Guess what he looks like now!

    'Electric Avenue' Singer Eddy Grant 'Memba Him?!

    Guiana-born rocker Eddy Grant moved to London and got his first taste of fame when his band The Equals released the '60s rock song, "Baby Come Back"... but it wasn't until Eddy moved to Barbados and started a solo career with hits like "I Don't Want To Dance" and the absolute jam "Electric Avenue" that he truly gained fame and success.

    Eddy has since released a slew of albums and has was given a Lifetime Achievement Award from Guyana.

    Eddy Grant most recently joined The Roots on 'The Tonight Show' stage to perform his hit single.

    Guess what he looks like now!

    Ren Stevens on 'Even Stevens' 'Memba Her?!

    Connecticut-born kid Christy Carlson Romano, was 16 years old when she landed the role of the school-driven middle sister, Ren Stevens -- who is the brains of the family and has to keep her two wacky brothers in check -- in the classic Disney family program, "Even Stevens."

    Christy Carlson Romano was cast alongside Nick Spano as the sporty older brother, Donnie Stevens, Steven Anthony Lawrence as the annoying neighbor, Beans ... and of course, Shia LaBeouf as the youngest of the Stevens clan, Louis.

    Christy also had two other stand-out roles on Disney ... the voice of Kim on "Kim Possible" and Captain Jenny on "Cadet Kelly."

    Guess what she looks like now!

    Jade East in 'Up In Smoke' 'Memba Her?!

    New York-native Zane Buzby made her big-screen debut when she landed the role of the pill-popping hippie, Jade East -- who gets picked up while hitchhiking and ultimately helps Cheech and Chong get to the battle of the bands -- in the iconic 1978 stoner masterpiece, Cheech & Chong's "Up in Smoke."

    Aside from Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong's classic characters ... Zane Buzby was on her hitchhiking journey with her buxom blonde BFF, Debbie, who was played by Wally Ann Wharton.

    Buzby is now much more known for her work on the other side of the lens as a director ... and for her work as a humanitarian.

    Guess what she looks like now!

    Foreign Exchange Kid In 'Can't Hardly Wait' 'Memba Him?!

    Los Angeles-Local Alexander Martin was in his mid-20s when he gained fame after locking down the role as the naive foreign exchange student -- who repeats crazy lines like "I am a sex machine" -- in the classic 1998 high school party film, "Can't Hardly Wait."

    Alexander Martin was cast alongside an incredibly notable cast including '90s icons like Ethan Embry as the pathetic kid with a crush, Preston Meyers, Seth Green as the hip-hop virgin, Kenny Fisher, Peter Facinelli as the prom king jock, Mike Dexter ... and of course Jennifer Love Hewitt as the dumped damsel in distress, Amanda Beckett.

    Guess what he looks like now!

    Golden Earring Singer Barry Hay 'Memba Him?!

    India-born vocalist Barry Hay was 25 years old when he shot to stardom for his rockin' vocals in the Dutch rock band, Golden Earring ... who unleashed the worldwide rock anthem, "Radar Love" in the early '70s, and then "Twilight Zone" in the early '80s.

    Barry Hay and all of the original bandmates of Golden Earring are all still involved in the classic rock consortium including George Kooymans on guitar and back-up vocals, Rinus Gerritsen on bass and keyboards and Cesar Zuiderwijk on the skins.

    Golden Earring played as recently as last November ... and have plans to play live later this year.

    Guess what he looks like now in his 70s!

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