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    J.J. Watt Uncertain About '20 NFL Season 'Training Like It'll Happen on Time'


    J.J. Watt says he's not sure whether the 2020 NFL season will take place as originally planned -- but he's training his ass off anyway because it's better to "stay ready."

    "I don't know what's going to happen," Watt tells TMZ Sports ... "I'm just like everybody else. We're all kind of just waiting and seeing."

    "The uncertainty is the worst part of it all. We don't know what's going to happen. But, I'm training like it's gonna happen on time. And, I'm looking forward to playing -- fans, no fans -- whatever it is. I'm just looking forward to competing and just doing what we do."

    The Houston Texans superstar -- who's also hosting "Ultimate Tag" on FOX -- believes the return of football is super important ... but not at the expense of American lives.

    "We love the game. We love the competition ... as long as it's safe for everybody," Watt explained.

    "You have to remember we have coaches who are older. We have people helping out on the sidelines and staff members. So, as long it's safe for everybody and as long as everybody is comfortable and confident, I'm all for it because I think it does help return some normalcy and it gives people something to be excited about, to cheer for again."

    "And, we're looking forward to that opportunity if it's safe."

    Watt says he's been staying in touch with his teammates via Zoom meetings -- but jokes about some players not wanting to show off their homes to the rest of the team!

    "One guy just points his [camera] at his ceiling fan for 2 hours straight during the meeting! Give us a little something. I mean geez, what are you hiding!?"


    Besides training, we also talked to Watt about "Ultimate Tag" -- airs Wednesday night on FOX -- and says the athletes he's got on the show are FREAKS!

    In fact, Watt says he doesn't think half the players in the League could keep up with the crazy athletes on "Ultimate Tag" ... which sounds like a challenge to us!!!

    As for the NFL stars who would do the best on the show???

    Here's a shocker -- Watt loves Lamar Jackson and Tyreek Hill ... some of the most talented players EVER!

    But seriously, JJ -- pull some strings and get 'em on the show!!!

    Miami Dolphins Converting Stadium Into Drive-In Theater ... Social Distancing!!!

    Breaking News

    This looks AWESOME!!

    The Miami Dolphins have announced they're converting Hard Rock Stadium into a drive-in, outdoor theater ... so you can watch live events, movies, etc. from your CAR!!

    And, the mock-up photos look pretty cool!

    "[Hard Rock Stadium] will now feature both an open-air and drive-in theater that will showcase select Miami Dolphins matchups from the team’s 54-year history, classic motion picture films, host commencement ceremonies and other events," the team said in a statement.

    "The family friendly experiences will provide a unique environment while staying in accordance with social distance policies."

    The drive-in event space can hold up to 230 cars -- while the open-air theater "can host small groups for an intimate viewing experience on the complex’s south plaza."

    Unclear when the drive-in theater is set to open -- but it seems like it's a priority, since it could be a long time until we get live fans back at NFL games.

    Question is ... how much would you pay to drive-in to watch a football game or a movie?

    Earlier today, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said he expects the 2020 NFL season to go on as planned -- so, in theory ... you might be able to drive-in to the stadium to watch the Dolphins play an away game if you're craving that stadium experience.

    Browns Legend Joe Thomas Dominates on 'Titan Games' ... The Rock Goes Wild!!!

    Breaking News

    Joe Thomas -- a former 325-pound NFL offensive lineman -- DOMINATED the "Titan Games" on Monday ... and now he looks like a LEGIT contender to win the whole show!!

    The former Cleveland Browns left tackle has dropped 50 pounds since retiring from pro football in 2017 ... and was personally selected by The Rock to compete on the show, going up against other high level athletes.


    The 35-year-old Thomas started off slow ... narrowly beating out Denver firefighter Matt Chan in the first half of the show.

    But then, he TURNED IT ON ... easily vanquishing his second opponent -- Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Steven Shelby -- on the famous "Mount Olympus" course.

    Mount Olympus is no joke -- competitors have to scale walls, move heavy objects, move a giant heavy stone with a steel chain, smash a coffin with a sledgehammer and much more.

    Dwayne Johnson was so impressed with Thomas, he could barely hold his emotions together -- raving about the "Ironman" like an obsessed fan!

    Thomas now moves on to the next round where he'll have more high-level competition from guys like NFL star Victor Cruz, UFC star Tyron Woodley and more!

    Boxing superstar Claressa Shields was also on Monday's episode but ended up falling to Olympian Chantae McMillan.

    Miami Dolphins Owner 'There Will Definitely Be a Football Season'

    Breaking News

    Miami Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross insists the 2020 NFL season will NOT be canceled due to COVID-19 ... saying the 2020 season will "definitely" happen.

    I think there will definitely be a football season this year," the billionaire real estate mogul said Tuesday morning on CNBC's ''Squawk Box.''

    "The real question is will there be fans in the stadium?"

    "I think right now today we're planing on having fans in the stadium but I think the NFL is looking at, and is very flexible, so that we will be able to start on time and really bring that entertainment that's really so needed to all of us in this country."

    "I think that's one thing that we miss is our sports. I don't think a lot of people realize it until they no longer have it. Certainly the NFL I think will be ready to go and I think we're all looking forward to. I know I am."

    "We've got a lot of things down in Miami here and we're prepared either way and hopefully there'll be fans in the stadium."

    It's the most definitive statement we've heard from an NFL owner about the 2020 season while the coronavirus pandemic rages on.

    Of course, the league has been moving forward as if everything will run according to schedule ... the NFL Draft took place in April and free agency began on time.

    As we previously reported, Joe Buck recently said multiple networks are kicking around innovative ideas to make NFL broadcasts fun and exciting without fans ... one of the ideas is artificial fan noise. So far, nothing is set in stone.

    Various experts have raised concerns about how the NFL will be able to successfully screen and test the hundreds of people -- including players, coaches, staffers, refs -- required for an NFL game ... but clearly, Ross is confident they'll figure it out.

    Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning Victory Over Brady, Mickelson ... In COVID-19 Match

    Breaking News

    5:18 PM PT -- Brady's insane shot wasn't enough to help his side come out on top ... with Tiger and Peyton pulling away with the close, 1-up victory.

    The event helped raise $20 million for coronavirus relief.

    3:00 PM PT -- Tom Brady with the shot!!!

    After playing HORRIBLY all day, TB12 just came through strong with an unreal shot on the 7th hole!!

    Turner Sports

    Tom had been golfing so poorly, even Charles Barkley -- the worst celeb golfer on the planet -- was talking trash!

    And, get this, things were going so badly for Tom, the guy SPLIT HIS PANTS!

    Pro golfer Brooks Koepka had said he’d donate $100,000 if Tom made par on the front 9 — and that shot did the trick! So, it wasn’t just a highlight, it helped raise a ton of cash!

    HERE WE GOOO!!!!

    The biggest golf event of the year is finally underway ... with Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning facing off against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in "The Match" -- a COVID-19 charity golf showdown in Florida.

    The whole thing was up in the air earlier Sunday morning ... with a massive rainstorm delaying the big event.

    And, if golfing in the rain sounds like a fun time ... it definitely doesn't look like it.

    The star-studded lineup just hit the links at Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound for a fan-less affair ... braving the weather for the showdown.

    Of course, Phil and Tiger faced off back in 2018 with Lefty coming out on top ... but adding the 2 Hall of Fame QBs will be sure to make things a lot more interesting in the tag-team format.

    And, for those looking to tune in on the action, Charles Barkley is on board as an analyst for the Turner broadcast ... as if you needed any more reason to check it out.

    FYI -- Peyton is reportedly a 6.4 handicap, while Tom is reportedly an 8.1 ... for those interested in putting some dough on the showdown.

    BTW -- Tiger's wearing his Sunday Red ... so be ready for an EPIC performance.

    Originally published -- 1:00 PM PT

    Ryan Leaf Arrested for Domestic Battery Mug Shot Released


    12:33 PM PT -- 5/23 -- Ryan's mug shot has been released, and he looks none too pleased to be in police custody. BTW, the guy's still in a jail cell as of Saturday.

    Ryan Leaf has been arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery in Palm Springs, CA ... TMZ Sports has learned.

    The former NFL quarterback was taken into custody around 2 PM PT on Friday, May 22nd.

    According to jail records, he was booked for domestic battery -- and bail was set at $5,000.

    As of now (the time of this post), Leaf is still in custody.

    44-year-old Leaf is listed on his booking sheet as 6'6", 250 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

    We're working on the details ...

    Of course, Leaf was the #2 overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft -- but his career flamed out fast and his life fell apart soon after.

    Leaf has been arrested multiple times for things like drug possession and burglary ... but he had sobered up and became a program ambassador for an organization that runs sober houses in multiple cities including L.A. and N.Y.

    He's recently been covering college football for ESPN.

    Originally Published -- 5/22 7:01 PM PT

    NFL's Montravius Adams Arrested in Georgia ... for Weed

    Breaking News

    Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Montravius Adams was arrested in Georgia this week after cops say they found weed in his car during a traffic stop.


    Yep, the 24-year-old -- a 3rd-round pick out of Auburn in 2017 -- was initially pulled over Tuesday around 6 PM when cops say he was driving around with suspended registration.

    During the stop, the officer smelled weed and searched the vehicle -- turning up less than an ounce, according to the police report.

    Adams was arrested and booked into the Houston County Jail for possession of marijuana, driving without insurance and driving with a suspended registration.

    Adams posted $2,900 bond and was released after about 2 hours in custody.

    "The Packers are aware of the matter involving Montravius Adams," the team said in a statement ... "We will refrain from making any further comment as it is an ongoing legal matter."

    Adams has played in 37 NFL games for Green Bay since he was drafted in '17 -- though he only recorded 11 total tackles in 2019.

    Dak Prescott & Cowboys Deny QB Turned Down $175 Mil Deal ... Call B.S. On Report

    Breaking News

    Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are firing back at a report claiming the QB turned down a 5-year, $175 MILLION contract extension ... saying that offer simply never hit the table.

    NFL Network's Ian Rapoport says he spoke with Prescott's agent and reps from the team ... and they confirmed contract discussions between the two sides have only consisted so far of the length of the deal -- not money numbers.

    Of course, ex-NFL QB and current league analyst Chris Simms reported this week that he's heard otherwise.

    Simms -- speaking on 105.3 The Fan -- claimed he was told by "some people who are in the know" that Dak was poo-pooing a 5-year deal that would pay him roughly $35 mil per year.

    "He wants a four-year deal," Simms says. "If they do agree to a five-year deal, they would like a really big number at the end of that fifth year to cover their butts for what the market might be at the position five years from now."

    "And, I’ve heard he’s asking for somewhere like north of $45 million in that fifth year."

    But, Rapoport reported Thursday, "The two sides have never discussed such scenarios or anything like it. Dak wants a shorter deal, the Cowboys want a longer one. July 15 is the deadline."

    Currently, Prescott is scheduled to play on the franchise tag in 2020 ... which would pay him around $33 million this season.

    Marvin Lewis Rips NFL's Minority Hiring Proposal ... 'Like Having Jim Crow Laws'

    Breaking News

    Ex-Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis says giving owners a draft incentive to hire minorities is "like having Jim Crow laws" ... ripping the proposal as straight-up "offensive."

    Remember, the NFL owners reportedly planned to vote on a proposal that would reward teams with a better 3rd round draft pick if they had hired a minority GM or coach.

    While the proposal was tabled during the owners meetings on Tuesday, Lewis went off on the idea of giving teams an incentive to hire minorities in an interview with The Baltimore Sun.

    "It was offensive, definitely offensive," Lewis said. "It was like having Jim Crow laws."

    As for compensating teams with draft picks? Lewis isn't happy with that, either.

    "Draft picks are like gold. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. As a head coach, no one wants to be hired or put in that position."

    Owners DID vote to expand the Rooney Rule to require teams to interview at least 2 minority candidates when hiring new coaches ... which Lewis says is a good thing.

    "This will be a plus requiring more than one minority to be interviewed because it will cause them to take a deeper dive."

    FYI -- there are currently 4 minority coaches and 2 minority GMs in the NFL, which is comprised of 32 total teams.

    Lewis is all for raising that number ... but not with draft picks.

    Rob Gronkowski Bulking Up For Buccaneers ... I'm 'Four Protein Shakes' From 260!!!

    Breaking News

    Skinny Gronk is no more ...

    The future Hall of Fame tight end says he's gained back the 20-or-so pounds he lost after his Patriots retirement ... joking he's "four more protein shakes away from being at my playing weight."

    Rob quit the game back in March 2019 ... and almost immediately dropped down to around 240 pounds, causing everyone to wonder if he was really done with the game for good.

    "It felt good just to drop that weight," Gronk told CBS Sports HQ on Wednesday. "You know, ease up my joints, let my body free. I kind of felt like that weight was bloated weight, too. So, it felt good to get rid of it."

    But, after agreeing to reunite with Tom Brady last month ... he's already bulked back up, saying he only needs a couple more lbs to be NFL-ready.

    "I'm about 257 pounds right now," Rob says ... "I'm excited about that. I'll definitely be at my weight when it's time to go. I'll be at 260 to 265 when it's time to roll."

    As for how the weight changes will affect Rob -- who says he hadn't previously been under 260 since his senior of HS -- he's confident the cutting and bulking won't spell disaster in a return to the gridiron.

    "It's time to build back upon it," Gronk said. "Put lean muscle on my body and get ready for the NFL season like I never have before."

    Music to TB12's ears!!!

    Aldon Smith On NFL Reinstatement ... 'I'm An Overall Better Person'


    Aldon Smith says he's not worried about rust in his NFL comeback -- telling TMZ Sports he feels young, healthy and "blessed by God."

    The 30-year-old pass-rusher was reinstated by the NFL after 5 years out of pro football due to several off-the-field issues including arrests stemming from substance abuse.

    But, Smith -- a former 1st All-Pro -- says he's now clean and sober and focused on football. In fact, he's been busting his ass in L.A. with Jay Glazer and recently signed a 1-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys.

    Some people would be concerned about readjusting to the speed of the NFL after 5 years off ... but Aldon says he's not sweating it at all.

    "God has blessed me with talent," Smith tells us ... " And, one of the talents is my natural gift to play ball, to be an athlete."

    "So, I still feel young. I don’t have the mileage on my body. I still feel great when I go to the gym. I still feel young and fresh. So, if anything, I’m looking forward to what I’m going to be able to do out there."

    When asked if he thinks he has another 19.5 sack season in him -- the same numbers he posted back in 2012 -- Smith was confident about that, too!

    "I’m an overall better person [than I was back then]," Smith says.

    "I got 20 sacks ... 19.5 ... I say 20 because it was 20. But, I was able to play at a high level with a lot of other things going on in my life.  With how life is for me now, I’m just looking forward to seeing what I can do."

    "My goal is to pick up where I left off. That just means I always work hard. I always play hard. I want the same thing out of my teammates and I’m sure those guys in the locker room feel the same way, and with that mentality, the sky is the limit. I think as long as we do what we need to do and everybody plays to their potential anything’s possible."

    Aldon Smith Reinstated By NFL After 4-Year Absence

    Breaking News

    Dallas Cowboys player Aldon Smith -- who hasn't stepped foot on an NFL field since 2015 -- has been officially reinstated in the NFL, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

    The 30-year-old former All-Pro defensive end -- who battled substance and legal issues throughout his career -- is finally getting another chance at a comeback.

    Smith met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last Thursday ... with the decision becoming official on Wednesday.

    As we previously reported ... Smtih has been sober and training non-stop at Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer's Unbreakable gym in West Hollywood in hopes of a return.

    Smith signed a 1-year deal worth up to $4 million with the Cowboys in April ... but was still waiting to get an update on his status with the league.

    Terms of his reinstatement are unclear ... but the decision allows Smith to join team meetings and other activities to prepare for the season.

    NFL Player Suing United Airlines ... You Let Me Get Sexually Assaulted On Plane!!!!

    Exclusive Details

    10:32 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained a statement from United ... which says "The safety and well-being of our customers is always our top priority."

    "In this instance, the customer involved was moved to a different seat. Because litigation is now pending, we’re unable to provide further comment."

    An anonymous NFL player says he was sexually assaulted on a United Airlines plane and claims flight attendants didn't do much to stop it -- and now, he's suing.

    The player -- using the alias "John Doe 1" in the new lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports -- says on Feb. 10, 2020 ... a woman "sexually harassed, assaulted, abused, and violated" him during a flight.

    The unidentified footballer says the trip -- a cross-country, red-eye ride from LAX to New Jersey -- was a complete nightmare ... and it was all made worse by United staffers.

    In the suit, the man says he took his place in a middle seat ... and when a woman sat in the window seat next to him -- he claims he was immediately harassed over the safety mask he was wearing.

    The football player says he told her it was because of the growing coronavirus pandemic ... but claims the woman hit and elbowed him and demanded he move seats nonetheless.

    The man says he and his friend, identified as "John Doe 2" in the suit, observed the woman taking pills -- and believed her to be under the influence.

    In the suit, the NFL player claims Doe 2 got up to tell flight attendants about the woman harassing Doe 1 ... but says they did nothing about it.

    The NFL player claims the woman then sexually assaulted him ... groping and massaging his knees and thighs. He claims Doe 2 got up again to inform flight attendants, but says they still did nothing.

    In the suit, the NFLer claims the woman began to "intensify" her sexual assault, "grabbing and groping his quads and then stroking her hand across his lap towards the inside of his leg near his genitals."

    He claims he immediately got up and pleaded with a flight attendant to get the woman to stop ... but he says the United employee did nothing more than issue a verbal warning to the woman.

    The NFL player then says the woman grabbed his penis and ripped off his face mask -- causing him to jump away and run toward flight attendants.

    While he was up, Doe 2 says the woman slid over into the middle seat and began sexually assaulting him as well.

    Finally, the NFL player claims United flight attendants came over and moved the woman to another row without passengers.

    The NFL player says both he and Doe 2 were given $150 vouchers for their troubles ... but they're now suing and seeking damages for negligence, infliction of emotional distress, and more.

    We reached out to the player's attorney in the case -- who would not confirm the NFLer's identity.

    The attorney, though, did issue a statement, saying, "Those who report assaults should not be ignored, but believed, their claims investigated and appropriate action taken where warranted."

    We reached out to United for comment ... but so far, no word back yet.

    Originally Published -- 9:01 AM PT

    Ben Roethlisberger Governor Scolds QB For Haircut ... Barbershop Fires Back

    Breaking News

    7:54 AM PT -- 5/20 The barbershop that welcomed Big Ben in for a trim over the weekend says it HAS been following the government's guidelines since the shutdown ... and Roethlisberger's cut was a "personal favor."

    “Norman’s Cuttin’ Edge Barber Shop has been closed for business since the governor’s shut-down order, and presently remains closed, in full compliance with the law and state regulations," the shop's lawyer said in a statement.

    "Mr. Norman and Mr. Roethlisberger are close personal friends, and Mr. Norman’s use of his free time during closure to provide a haircut to his was a personal favor where no money was receiver or exchanged.

    "We should all look within ourselves to celebrate and be thankful for the existence of family, community, and personal friends to lend a hand in each of our lives at this time rather than promote stories that divide us.”

    Ben Roethlisberger's being put on blast for getting a haircut in public during the COVID-19 pandemic ... with PA Governor Tom Wolf calling out the QB for not following the state's shutdown measures.

    Of course, Big Ben was excited to show off his new, trimmed look in a hype video on Monday ... which symbolized the Steelers QB finally being back to 100% after an elbow injury.

    The video showed a mask-less Ben in a Sewickley barbershop getting his hair and beard trimmed up over the weekend ... which is a big no-no, considering hair salons in Allegheny County haven't gotten the green light to reopen yet.

    When asked if Ben's visit will spark an investigation into the barbershop ... Wolf explained he's not happy about the situation.

    "My concern is just a general concern," Wolf said on Tuesday. "Anybody who puts himself or herself into harm’s way is something that I think we have to try to avoid."

    "When you go to something like a barbershop and you’re not protected, I don’t care who you are, the chances of that virus actually wreaking havoc on your life increases."

    "I don’t personally think any Pennsylvanian ought to take that chance. I certainly don’t want to take that chance myself."

    Ben had been growing his hair out ever since he went down with the injury in September ... vowing to keep the caveman look until he was officially back.

    Originally published -- 5/19 1:47 AM PT

    Boomer Esiason Blasts 'Horrific' Bengals Uniforms ... They Need To Change!!!

    Breaking News

    Move over, Eric Dickerson ... another NFL legend is blasting his former team's uniforms -- this time Boomer Esiason says the Bengals jerseys suck, and he's demanding a change ASAP!!

    "The one thing I will say -- going into next year -- the Bengals are going to have to redo their uniforms," Esiason said on his "Boomer and Gio" show this month. "They are just horrific. I don't like them."

    Boomer -- who played for Cincy from 1984 to 1992 -- says he's held the opinion for a LONG time ... revealing he's believed the Bengals' unis have been awful for more than a decade!!

    "They've just got too much stuff going on," Boomer said. "Too much orange. Too many things happening on that uniform. They need to like -- I want to say tone it down."

    "It's hard to tone down tiger stripes, but you can. And, I just think that the jerseys over the last couple, 15 years just have not been all that great looking."

    Esiason's solution? He says keep the "iconic" helmet -- and then just tamp everything down ... similar to the way Oklahoma State has used a black-and-orange scheme over the years.

    By the way, if the jersey rant sounds familiar ... it's because just a few days ago, Dickerson laid into the Rams' new 2020 helmets for looking like "two bananas."

    Roggin and Rodney on AM 570 LA Sports

    Other teams, like the Patriots, Falcons, Buccaneers and Colts, have redone their uniforms this offseason as well with mixed reviews ... with most NFL fans hating the redesigns.

    In other words, be careful what you wish for, Boomer!

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