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    Lake of the Ozarks Pool Party Bar Will Rage On ... Coronavirus Be Damned!!!


    The Missouri bar, where a gaggle of pool partiers packed in like sardines over the holiday, says it's NOT going to stop hosting aqua ragers ... no matter how much heat they take for it.

    Andy Prewitt's a manager at Backwater Jack's -- where dozens of people gathered for a massive pool party in Lake of the Ozarks -- and he tells TMZ the good times must roll on into summer ... meaning they're not planning to ax any future get-togethers like this.

    We're told the reason Backwater Jack's is pressing forward is because, well, it's a matter of financial survival. Prewitt says while the staff is concerned about public health, they're equally worried about making ends meet and keeping the business afloat. So, they'll do what they must.

    ICYMI ... upwards of 1,500 heads flocked into BJ's on Saturday for a daytime shindig in their shallow pool -- and funny enough, we're told management never considered shutting it down ... despite the fact the event got a tsk-tsk scolding from Missouri officials.

    One other thing ... Prewitt goes on to tell us he feels like Backwater is being unfairly singled out -- as he claims other bars in the immediate area were equally as busy. And, besides, the manager says they tried their best to be quarantine-friendly, checking temps when folks walked in and giving them hand sanitizer to use on themselves. Uh ... thanks?

    In any case, Prewitt says they've got 2 more big blowouts like this planned through summer, which they've appropriately dubbed No Ducks Given parties.

    There will be some smaller ones too ... ditto on the ducks, we're guessing.

    Keisha Lance Bottoms Disappointed by Huge House Party ... Grateful For Those Following Rules


    Keisha Lance Bottoms is disappointed some folks are still playing with fire in an untamed pandemic, like this wild house party in her city ... but she's encouraged by people taking it seriously.

    Here's the deal ... someone decided it was a good idea to host a massive rager in Atlanta over Memorial Day Weekend, and the shindig was billed as a private, topless mansion party, with over 800 people attending before police shut it down.

    Videos from inside the bash show revelers packed inside the mansion like sardines, topless dancers twerking in front of a huge circle of people, as money rained down.

    The party is drawing a stern response from the Mayor of Atlanta ... a spokesperson for Bottoms tells TMZ, "While the Mayor is extremely disappointed to see these isolated events, she is encouraged by the vast majority of Atlantans who value their lives and the lives of others enough to practice social distancing and use some common sense.”

    Translation ... a few bad apples won't overshadow the rest of you.


    Remember, Mayor Bottoms has been urging Atlanta residents to be responsible and stay home during the pandemic, even as Governor Brian Kemp and President Trump push forward with reopening states and economies.

    As for the party, we're told the owner of the house owns a couple strip clubs in the area ... and cops shut it down Saturday at midnight.

    The Atlanta Police Department tells TMZ ... officers responded to a noise complaint and ticketed about a dozen cars for parking illegally.

    But, for these partygoers, a traffic ticket could be the least of their worries.

    Scottsdale Mayor 'Disturbed' By Mayweather Club Video ... 'Lack of Common Sense'


    The Mayor of Scottsdale is furious with the Arizona nightclub where Floyd Mayweather partied this weekend -- calling the images straight-up "disturbing."

    As we previously reported, Mayweather hit up TWO parties on Saturday -- including a rager at the International Boutique Nightclub in Old Town Scottsdale.

    You can see in the video NO ONE is wearing a mask or making an attempt to social distance.

    We reached out to the Mayor to see how officials felt about the situation ... and man, Jim Lane is PISSED!

    "The images from Old Town Scottsdale this weekend are disturbing, and frankly show a real lack of common sense and civic responsibility," Lane tells TMZ Sports.

    "Businesses and their patrons need to realize that individually we each play an absolute part in our own personal hygiene, distancing and health courtesies, and each of us also plays a significant part in our city’s health, both physically and economically."

    "This disease is spread between people -- and personal actions determine whether public health guidance is effective in blunting the spread of COVID-19."

    "We succeeded together in preventing our medical services from being overwhelmed. It was a costly effort; many businesses and individuals paid a huge cost for the success we have had to date.

    It is imperative that all businesses comply with the governor’s executive orders -- to ignore them is to risk faster spread of this disease and further damage to our physical and economic wellbeing."

    In other words, if people aren't SMART about public social gatherings, things could get A LOT worse!

    Mayor Lane continues ...

    "In responding to reports about non-compliance to the governor’s orders and public health guidelines, we educate businesses and solicit their cooperation first. I am personally reaching out to the businesses that were shown over this past weekend to be open with large crowds, so that I can discuss with them the importance of our continued progress."

    "If we choose to respect one another as part of a community effort, we will bring the city and the country back."

    "There are other steps that can be employed under the state and city emergency declarations if needed -- we take these matters very seriously."

    "Now more than ever we need people and businesses to do the right things. Stay home if you are sick or have any symptoms of illness; wash or sanitize your hands frequently; stay six feet away from others wherever possible and cover your nose and mouth when you can’t keep your distance."

    Joe Exotic's Hubby Boatload 'O Fun with Bryce from 'Too Hot to Handle!!!'

    Exclusive Details

    Joe Exotic's husband and Bryce from "Too Hot to Handle" got together for one helluva soirée.

    Joe's husband, Dillon Passage, partied with Bryce on Bryce's boat Sunday in Marina del Rey, where witnesses tell us they hung out with Bryce's crew to celebrate his 30th birthday. Huge milestone, for sure. We're told Bryce had his boat parked and had only 15 people at a time every 2 hours. The rest of the partygoers hung out on the dock and beach area.

    The obvious question ... how'd Bryce and Dillon even meet? We're told after "Too Hot to Handle" streamed on Netflix, Dillon hit up Bryce to show some love and say he really enjoyed the series. We're told they stayed in touch, and when Bryce planned his birthday party he invited Dillon.

    And, how's this for a birthday wish ... we're told Dillon and Bryce each downed a couple of shots and Bryce wished for Joe to be freed from prison. The party -- which included several other "Too Hot to Handle" cast members, including Harry and Matthew -- went pretty late. Actually, pretty early. We're told it lasted till about 5 AM.

    A great time was had by all.

    Wild Ozark Lake Party Pass the Corona


    If you need guidance on social distancing ... look away.

    Apparently, these folks didn't see the sign that read, "Please practice social distancing: 6 ft apart."

    The shindig went down at a Memorial Day party at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. The lake was filled with boats, and sun worshipers and ... well, looked just like any other Memorial Day.

    The Governor partially re-opened the state, but with safety guidelines, including social distancing. It was clearly lost on all these people. BTW, the video was shot by Scott Pasmore, a reporter with the CBS affiliate.

    The state has also allowed restaurants and other businesses to re-open. The question ... will this happen there?

    Pretty much every state has partially re-opened, and hopefully, it's the beginning of a return to life. Problem is ... this is exactly how the disease spreads -- close contact without protection.  One person can infect dozens, and each of those dozens can infect dozens more ... and so on and so on.

    Floyd Mayweather Hits Packed Nightclub in AZ ... No Masks Anywhere!!!

    Breaking News

    Floyd Mayweather doesn't think COVID-19 can give him his first loss -- at least judging by the way the boxer was PARTYING on Saturday in Arizona.

    Floyd hit up the International Boutique Nightclub (aka INTL) in Scottsdale ... which was PACKED with people!!!


    No masks. No gloves. No social distancing.

    And, apparently, no worries from Floyd and his crew ... who were smiling and dancing in their own private VIP section.

    The video is shocking considering we're still in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Of course, Arizona had allowed restaurants to reopen their dining rooms on May 11 -- but we didn't know nightclubs were part of the plan too!

    Earlier in the day, 43-year-old Mayweather was dancing a day party at a nearby hotel in Arizona.

    The takeaway ... no fear from Floyd.

    Arizona ain't exactly immune to the COVID crisis -- the AZ health department reported 431 new cases on Saturday ... bringing the total number of cases in the state to 16,039.

    The total COVID death toll in Arizona is 799.

    Stay safe out there.

    Daytona Beach Party Cash Me Outside

    Volusia Sheriff's Office

    We just wanted to give you a taste of what's going on with all the folks who just regained freedom ... and it's insane.

    A throng of beachgoers -- around 200 -- descended on a car on one of the main drags of Daytona Beach to catch a few bucks. Someone inside a car was throwing cash out onto the street from the sunroof, and bedlam ensued.

    It got so crazy one of the deputies trying to restore order reported over his radio he heard gunshots. He didn't ... it was a car backfiring.

    Daytona is just one of the many places around the country that attracts large numbers of tourists and vacationers ... and as we're seeing, lots of folks clearly think coronavirus is a thing of the past, despite every doctor and scientist says the virus is alive and well.

    Daytona is a hot spot for vacationers on long holiday weekends. Let's hope it doesn't become another type of hot spot.

    Gavin Newsom Californians Urge Gov. ... Put Volleyball Nets Back On Beach!!!

    Breaking News

    California beach junkies are PISSED volleyball nets still haven't been returned to beaches ... and now, they're begging Gov. Gavin Newsom to put the sport back on the sand ASAP.

    An online petition is making its way through CA social media communities this week ... with more than 3,000 people already on board to try to get government officials to put back the nets.

    As we previously reported, most Calif. counties -- including Los Angeles -- took down the courts back in March to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

    But, just a few days ago, Newsom and California mayors announced some sports activities could resume ... putting golf and tennis back on the acceptable list.

    In the petition, Californians argue volleyball should be included as well ... saying, "Similar to tennis, outdoor volleyball is a non-contact sport and can be played with doubles teams."

    The petition continued, "This means there are only two people on each side of the net with plenty of space to spread out. The only shared equipment between players is the ball."

    It's unclear if and when Newsom will relent to putting the nets back ... but the governor did say on Monday he's targeting a June 1 return for pro sports in the state.

    So, if it's safe enough for LeBron at Staples ... is it safe enough for the beach bums in Santa Monica?!?!

    Stay tuned ...

    Wuhan, China Residents Hold Massive Street Dance

    Breaking News

    Maybe take this as a sign of hope, that things can slowly get back to some sort of normal, because some of the folks in Wuhan, China -- where the coronavirus first spread -- are once again able to enjoy themselves with a night of relatively safe dancing.

    More than 100 people gathered in the middle of the city Saturday night and it was choreographed for the times -- everyone was spaced 6-feet apart and it seems everyone was wearing a mask.

    It's something of a tradition in Wuhan ... mass dances at night. The music ranges from EDM to Japanese pop ... even a little square dancing is mixed in.

    Wuhan was in full lockdown for 2 1/2 months, but that ended April 8. There have been some new cases since people re-emerged from their homes, but it's not massive.

    Coronavirus Chicago, ATL Take to the Streets ... Cops Responded, Broke It Up

    Exclusive Details

    12:23 PM PT -- Atlanta PD tells TMZ ... their officers actually ended up responding to two massive street gatherings this weekend, and it sounds like one of them was what we're seeing here on video.

    We're told that cops responded to a noise complaint just before midnight Saturday, and found a large party had moved outside, where at least 100 people were gathered and parking violations were aplenty. The police started to disperse the crowd, and eventually started issuing tickets ... which we're told really got people moving and outta there.

    Crazy enough, APD says a lot of those people from that block party went to another location -- and the cops then had to respond to that and break it up as well! Now, as for these speed racers in the clip Tigger posted -- APD wouldn't confirm if their officers specifically dealt with it ... but they do say cops DID intervene in what was described as a "gathering of vehicles and people," which the cops then proceeded to disperse too.

    We're told officers saw a lot of people driving recklessly, and once they started directing traffic and doling out citations ... the group eventually began to leave accordingly. We might not have seen them on video, but yes ... the 5-0 was out there doing their thing.

    11:27 AM PT -- Chicago was not the only city to hit the streets and rage this weekend -- a lot of folks down in Atlanta did the exact same thing (with motorcycles and other whips to boot), which was all posted by BET's Big Tigger ... who was sorely disappointed in what he saw.

    Check out the video BT put up, showing a massive amount of people congregating outside at night to watch what sounds like a bunch of race cars, quads and dirt bikes do donuts and put on a good old-fashioned sideshow. Looks like a scene out of "The Fast & Furious."

    He wrote of the scene, "Good Morning and Happy Sunday... this is alarming and disappointing on so many levels..." going on to say that we gotta do better together.

    Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

    One person who does NOT see it that way is one Waka Flocka -- who posted a pretty eyebrow-raising message on his own social media page that seems to side with the quarantine quitters. The rapper wrote, "Why people mad at others for going outside ?????♂?" He added a caption to that too, saying ... "Shut TF up." Okay then, thanks Waka!


    As if it didn't get crazy enough with the party, a fight erupted right on the street, and it was the opposite of social distancing.


    Their defiance defies logic, but here it is ... another super-unsafe party in Chicago in the midst of a still untamed pandemic.

    A throng of folks hit the streets of West Chi-Town Saturday night for a rager. A woman twerked on the hood of a car as the crowd roared its approval.

    Chicago has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, and Mayor Lightfoot pled with Chicago residents Saturday not to defy the doctors and scientists. It's one thing to go out and get exercise, adhering to social distancing ... it's another to pack in like sardines, which is a surefire way to spread the virus.

    Tink Purcell Facebook

    The Mayor has cause for deep concern. Late last month there was a shocking scene at a Chicago house party where it seemed impossible to cram one more person inside. As you know by now, high concentrations of people -- like at funerals or celebrations -- can cause an explosion of COVID-19 cases.

    The Mayor has also echoed what is now a known fact ... the virus is hitting minority communities disproportionally hard.

    Originally published -- 8:22 AM PT

    Chicago House Party Building Owner Cited & Fined ... Adult Son Was to Blame!!!

    Exclusive Details 4/25/2020
    Tink Purcell Facebook

    The Chicago house party that streamed live with at least 1,000 guests potentially spreading the coronavirus is gonna cost the building's owner.

    TMZ confirmed Chi-Town officials have hit the owner with fines, and cited her for disorderly conduct -- namely, violating the state's stay-at-home orders. The fees will be determined by the court at a later date ... and a city alderman said the owner's been put "on notice."

    Reports also say the woman's adult kid was to blame for the dangerous party. Apparently he had keys to the place and disarmed the alarms for the rager. Unclear if his ma knew what he was doing, but officials say he's previously thrown at least one other party this size.

    Chicago's mayor, Lori Lightfoot, had some strong words for everyone who attended the event, saying eventually everyone who participated will be held accountable. She hammered the partygoers, saying ... "What happened in that scene was just foolish and reckless. There’s got to be a level of personal responsibility for that. Millennials aren’t children."

    Mayor Lightfoot added, "Millennials -- many of `em -- are in their 20’s. They’re fully functioning adults. And, we expect adults to act responsibly -- particularly at a time of a pandemic."

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