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    Mississippi Prisons New Lawsuit Blasts Healthcare System As Jay-Z, Roc Nation Fight for Inmates' Rights


    Jay-Z's legal eagle is keeping the pressure on Mississippi's infamous Parchman Penitentiary by filing a new lawsuit that calls out the prison's healthcare provider.

    As we've reported, Jay's company, Roc Nation, backed a group of Parchman inmates suing Mississippi's Dept. of Corrections over filthy, violent, unhealthy and deadly conditions ... and all of that was before COVID-19 made things worse.

    Now, attorney Alex Spiro -- who Roc Nation hired to rep the inmates -- has filed a new lawsuit against Centene ... the parent company of Centurion, which provides healthcare at Parchman. This time, Spiro's client is a Centene shareholder who's seen the brutal news about 40 inmates dying in Mississippi prisons, including Parchman, since December.

    The shareholder suspects Centurion's alleged poor care is exposing the company to lawsuits and potentially tanking its stock. In docs, obtained by TMZ, the shareholder calls out Centurion for poor inmate mental health treatment, and a lack of testing in for illnesses -- a glaring issue for prisons amid the pandemic. In short, the suit alleges an "entire breakdown in [Mississippi prisons'] healthcare system."


    Parchman, in particular, has been plagued by riots, fires and suicides -- videos from inside the prison showed the dire conditions allegedly exacerbated by the prison being woefully understaffed.

    According to the suit, Centurion is actually losing money on its deal with the state of Mississippi -- which the shareholder suspects might be why the company's allegedly bailing on providing proper healthcare at the prisons.

    The shareholder wants a judge to force Centurion to open its books to provide a full picture of where money is, or isn't, going when it comes to inmate healthcare.

    Obviously, that information could also be crucial for the Parchman inmates' lawsuit. Fair to say, it's no coincidence Spiro is repping the shareholder as well as the prisoners suing Mississippi's DOC.

    Jay-Z and Yo Gotti have both vowed they're in this for the long haul ... until the prison conditions vastly improve, and this could go a long way toward that goal.

    George Floyd Death Police Brutality Protest ... Clash with Cops in Minneapolis


    Hundreds of protesters gathered at the intersection where George Floyd was killed after a forceful encounter with police ... and things got pretty tense.

    The protest began Tuesday night in Minneapolis, with people lining the streets carrying banners reading "KKKops" "Again?" "Black Lives Matter" and "Justice for George."

    Similar chants of "I can't breathe" and "No Justice, No Peace" broke out among the demonstrators, who eventually marched more than 2 miles to a city police precinct ... with some causing damage along the way.

    Things escalated to a point where protesters were met by cops in riot gear, who fired tear gas canisters and projectiles into the crowd. Some kicked the canisters back toward police, and made a makeshift barricade of shopping carts at a Target across the street from the station.

    Though steady rain lessened the crowd, skirmishes lasted late into the night.

    As we reported ... Floyd died shortly after officers arrested him for an alleged forgery in progress. Footage of the incident shows one cop pressing his knee down on George's neck for several minutes -- ignoring his pleas that he couldn't breathe -- while witnesses shouted that he was being killed.


    Floyd's family lawyer, Ben Crump, told us the violent incident -- along with other similar stories recently -- has black people believing it's "open season" on them in America right now.

    Clearly, the protesters in Minneapolis want to put a stop to it.

    NBA's Stephen Jackson Mourns George Floyd's Death ... 'My Twin'

    Breaking News

    "My boy was doing what he was supposed to be doing and ya'll go and kill my brother, man."

    Stephen Jackson spent Tuesday emotionally reflecting on his time with George Floyd -- a man the former NBA star says he called "twin" -- and he's now demanding justice for the 46-year-old after officers appeared to have killed him Monday.

    Jackson says he spent his childhood in the same Houston, Texas circles as Floyd ... and claims the two were so close, he had just sent the guy clothes days before his death this week.

    "Floyd was my brother," Jackson said. "We called each other twins, bruh. Everybody knows me and Floyd called each other twins. My brother was only out there in Minnesota, he was trying to change his life."

    42-year-old Jackson says he's now on his way to Minnesota ... and he's promising to help find justice for George after a cop pinned him down with a knee to the neck and wouldn't let go.

    "I can't let this ride, dawg," Jackson said. "Ya'll not going to be mad until it hits ya'll front door. Bullsh*t."

    As we previously reported, Floyd died in Minneapolis, Minn. after officers responded to a call about a forgery in progress on Monday.

    During the stop, officers held down George for several minutes ... despite the man telling cops he could not breathe.

    The FBI is now investigating the incident ... while all four officers involved have been fired.

    UFC's Jon Jones Choke Used On George Floyd 'Worse Than Torture'

    Breaking News

    UFC superstar Jon Jones is FURIOUS over the killing of George Floyd -- saying the police officer used a move called a "blood choke" ... and it's worse than torture.

    "Anyone who has practiced the very basics of jujitsu recognizes a [blood choke] when they see this," Jones said.

    "That was as clear as day murder, torture."

    FYI, a blood choke is a stranglehold in which key arteries and jugular veins are constricted, cutting off blood flow to the brain ... as opposed to an air choke, which restricts breathing.

    Jones -- who's been a top mixed martial artist for decades -- didn't stop there.

    "That whole if you can talk you can breathe crap is bullsh*t. What that man went through was worse than drowning."

    "I wouldn't wish the way George Floyd was murdered on my worst enemy. That officer applied just enough pressure to keep him alive for almost six minutes in that chokehold."

    "In all my years of fighting I can honestly say I’ve never experienced anything close to that level of torture."

    "There needs to be a nationwide policy change. When a man is in handcuffs and is screaming that he cannot breathe. Get the f*ck off his chest and/or neck. If you can't hold a man who is in handcuffs down by his feet you’re a p*ssy and probably shouldn’t be wearing that badge."

    George Floyd was killed on May 25 when 4 police officers resounded to a "forgery in progress" call in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    During the incident, one of the officers put his knee on Floyd's neck for 8 MINUTES, despite his pleas that he couldn't breathe.

    The 4 officers involved in the incident have since been fired.

    George Floyd Death Family's Lawyer Calls it 'Horrific Killing' ... 'It's Open Season on Black People'


    The killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer is the latest example of a shockingly disturbing reality in America ... leading many to conclude it's "open season on black people" ... this according to the lawyer representing George's family.

    Attorney Ben Crump joined "TMZ Live" Tuesday to express the shock, outrage and sadness so many are feeling following Monday night's brutal incident ... in which a cop, who was responding to a forgery call, choked off George's air supply until he died.


    Crump says George's family is having a terrible time comprehending what's captured on video -- the cop kept his knee on Floyd's neck for 8 MINUTES, despite his pleas that he couldn't breathe ... and everyone's in disbelief at what Ben calls a lack of humanity.

    As we reported ... the Police Dept. released a statement saying no weapons were used during the incident, but as Crump points out -- that statement doesn't address the officer's brutality, and there's no explanation or justification for what happened anyway. The P.D.'s initial statement seemed to justify the incident, and it appears it was released before the video surfaced.


    The Mayor of Minneapolis has expressed outrage, saying, "When you hear someone calling for help, you're supposed to help. This officer failed in the most basic, human sense."

    Of course, the cop responsible for the knee to the neck had a partner during the arrest, and Crump believes that officer's actions make him complicit in the killing. As Crump says ... this cop also ignored Floyd's cries and protests from people watching, and didn't do a thing to help.

    Minneapolis PD Chief Medaria Arradondo seems to have reached a similar conclusion -- on Tuesday afternoon he announced the firing of 4 officers involved in the incident. The officers names have not been released yet.

    Crump feels it's long overdue for police officers to be held accountable for their actions -- or inaction -- like this ... no more benefit of the doubt or obligatory moral high ground given. Listen to how Ben explains it, though ... he makes a very good point.

    Finally, this case is being compared to the death of Eric Garner in 2014 because of the obvious similarities, and Crump says he's going to try to get Eric's family in touch with Floyd's ... a request made by Eric's mother.

    Along with representing Floyd's family, Crump is the lawyer for Ahmaud Arbery's family and he's a renowned civil rights attorney, who also worked with Trayvon Martin's family in the past.

    Venice Skateboarders Remove Sand From Iconic Skate Park ... Defy Officials' Orders

    Breaking News

    A bunch of skaters in California blew off government orders and removed sand from an iconic park in Venice ... this just a few weeks after officials poured the grain in to stop illegal boarding.

    Here's the deal ... back in April, some California lawmakers were so fed up with skateboarders violating stay-at-home orders, they dumped tons of sand into ramps at parks all over the state.

    The move worked for over a month ... but on Monday in Venice, skaters took back the place -- removing the sand with nothing more than shovels, brooms, buckets and bare hands.

    Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

    The scene was all captured on video by multiple witnesses ... showing dozens of people banding together to fish all the sand out of the popular skate park.

    One person who was on the scene said of it all, "All the kids need to have this, because if they don't get it, it's going to be a sad day. You don't want that."

    By mid-afternoon on Memorial Day, the park had been completely cleared of the sand ... and boarders performed tricks in the bowls well into the evening.

    It's unclear if California officials will let the place remain open ... but video Monday captured several police officers who didn't stop the action as they passed by throughout the day.

    Minneapolis Police Fires 4 Cops Over Floyd's Death ... Mass Protests Erupt


    3:45 PM PT -- The killing of George Floyd is starting to have Rodney King-esque levels of repercussions out in Minnesota -- hundreds of people are taking to the street and decrying his death.


    Check out this scene right now in Minneapolis, where throngs of people are blocking roads and demonstrating en masse. Several different blocks are completely covered in bodies moving about -- it's surreal to see from a bird's eye view.

    Things don't appear to be getting too out of hand at the moment, but we're sure law enforcement (and the public) is keeping a close eye on how things play out in the hours to come.

    12:45 PM PT -- Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo announced 4 cops have been fired over George Floyd's death. The police chief, who made the announcement during a Tuesday news conference, did not identify the officers involved. Mayor Jacob Frey said, "This is the right call."

    8:26 AM PT -- Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey just delivered some strong remarks about the death of the African-American man, George Floyd, who had an officer's knee on his neck for several minutes -- and his message is clear ... this cop failed by all accounts, and the victim should NOT have died.


    Mayor Frey says, "Being Black in should not be a death sentence." He goes on to say, "When you hear someone calling for help, you're supposed to help. This officer failed in the most basic, human sense." Frey added, "All I keep coming back to is this: this man should not have died."

    Frey went on to say that the victim's life mattered, and that regardless of what the investigation revealed ... it doesn't change the simple fact that what happened is wrong. He also issued an apology to the African-American community and the family of the victim in Minneapolis, saying he was so sorry.

    Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo also came to the podium and backed up what the Mayor said. He also implied the knee technique was not one sanctioned or taught at the police academy there, and also discussed why the feds were set to investigate.

    A Minneapolis man is dead after a police officer put his knee on the man's neck and kept it there, despite pleas by the man that he couldn't breathe, and now the FBI is on the case.

    It happened Monday night, when cops were responding to a "forgery in progress." Police arrived and saw the suspect sitting in a car. According to the Department, the man resisted arrest so he was placed in handcuffs, adding "he appeared to be suffering medical distress."

    The Police Dept. added, "At no time were weapons of any type used by anyone involved in this incident."

    What the P.D. did not address ... is the video, and it's incredibly disturbing.

    You see the man on the ground in cuffs, as an officer puts his knee on his neck and the African-American man cries out, "Please, I can't breathe." The officer doesn't budge, as another officer passively watches.

    It's apparent the man is in distress, as a passerby screams, "That's bulls***, bro. You're stopping his breathing right there, bro. Get him off the ground, bro," adding the officer was "enjoying it."

    The man becomes motionless, an ambulance shows up and the man is taken to a hospital where he died.

    The officers, whose bodycams were on and activated during the incident, were placed on administrative leave and the FBI is now investigating.

    Originally Published -- 6:04 AM PT

    Central Park 'Karen' White Woman Calls Cops on Black Man ... FIRED From Her Job

    Exclusive Details

    11:40 AM PT -- 5/26 Franklin Templeton has just announced Cooper's been fired from her job. The company said, "Following our internal review of the incident in Central Park [Monday], we have made the decision to terminate the employee involved, effective immediately." The investment firm doubled down ... "We do not tolerate racism of any kind at Franklin Templeton."

    5:36 AM PT -- 5/26 -- "Karen" has been put on administrative leave by her employer, an investment company, in the wake of the video surfacing. The company, Franklin Templeton, said, "We take these matters very seriously, and we do not condone racism of any kind."

    The woman, whose real name is Amy Cooper, said Monday, "I sincerely and humbly apologize to everyone, especially to that man, his family ... It was unacceptable and I humbly and fully apologize to everyone who's seen that video, everyone that's been offended," adding, "everyone who thinks of me in a lower light and I understand why they do."

    8:02 PM PT -- It appears "Karen" was shamed into returning her adopted rescue. The Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc. -- where she reportedly adopted the pup in March 2018 -- said just hours after "Karen" went viral, she "voluntarily surrendered the dog in question to our rescue while this matter is being addressed ... the dog is now in our rescue's care and he is safe and in good health."

    This is a disgusting case of Karen-ing caught on video -- a white woman calling the police and pretending a black man is attacking her ... when he really just asked her to leash her dog.

    This went down Monday in NYC's Central Park ... and the video starts with the woman attempting to leash her dog, but then she quickly walks toward the man recording the video ... who'd complained her dog was off-leash. All dogs are required to be on-leash, by law, in Central Park from 9AM-9PM.

    What happened next is really heinous to watch play out -- she asked the man to stop recording her, which he didn't. She then threatened to call NYPD and "tell them there's an African-American man threatening my life."

    The man encouraged her to call and, of course, she did and carried out her threat ... which you have to see. The woman started yelling, and used a high-pitched, hurried tone -- trying to make it sound like she was in imminent danger.

    It worked. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... NYPD responded around 8 AM, but when they arrived both parties had left, so no tickets, no arrests. We're told the initial call dispatch put out to officers was for a "possible assault."

    Well, the cops didn't get her, but with the video getting around on social media ... the woman is, deservedly, getting dragged online. Several people believe they've ID'd her and her dog. BTW, the woman was also dragging/choking her poor dog during her phony-baloney rant to cops.

    Aside from the harmful, blatant lie about a fellow citizen ... she also wasted NYPD resources at a time when the city is still recovering from being the coronavirus epicenter.

    Like we said ... disgusting.

    Originally published -- 5/25 3:30 PM PT

    2 Chainz Restaurant Shut Down by State Cops ... Too Loud & Busy!!!

    2 Chainz is having a little trouble at the office ... one of his ATL restaurants is closed again -- shut down by cops for violating COVID-19 guidelines.

    The rapper's popular joint, Escobar Restaurant & Tapas, was ordered to close its doors just Monday night after Georgia State Police paid the restaurant a visit. According to a police report, obtained by TMZ, officers say they drove by and "noticed that the location was rather loud, busy, and occupied to be operating as a restaurant at that time of night."


    As you can see from some of the videos posted to the Escobar Instagram account, the place was PACKED. You can see people dancing, ordering bottle service, smoking hookah with virtually no social distancing happening. As the night continued, you can even see a long line start forming outside the entrance.

    Cops say police arrived and "spoke to the manager before shutting the location down as it was violating executive orders regarding protocol issued due to COVID-19."


    As we reported ... 2 Chainz initially said his restaurants would open when Georgia allowed limited-service back in late April. But, the rapper changed his mind -- opting to feed the homeless instead -- and said they'll wait it out a little longer before bringing back his staff.

    Several weeks later, Georgia updated its restaurant reopening guidelines ... limiting dine-in service to 10 patrons max per table and allowing 10 patrons inside per 300 square feet of public space. This is all in addition to social distancing too.

    As you probably know by now ... when 2 Chainz reopened earlier this month, it appeared the joint was packed to the max. Seems cops weren't gonna let it fly this time around.

    Coronavirus Asian Couple Attacked by Xenophobe COVID-19's 'All Your Fault'

    An Asian man was attacked in Seattle by a guy who slapped, shoved and spit on him ... and it was all out of revenge over the coronavirus, and now cops are on the hunt.

    As awful as it is, it's actually even worse because cops say the culprit has been threatening Asian residents all over the City.

    The man allegedly told the Asian couple "it's all your fault" ... clearly referring to the coronavirus pandemic and the fact it originated in China and the government was hyper-secretive.
    Cops say this is the same guy who was harassing Asians at Golden Gardens Park.

    In one attack, police say the man approached an Asian woman in her car, knocked on her window, asking, "Where are you from? Where is your ID?" Cops say the man was also taking pictures of the victim's car and yelling, "Chinese disease ... they bring it here!"

    Donald Trump has been on a tear against China, accusing the government of intentionally keeping the pandemic in that country secret and not giving the rest of the world an adequate heads up. Some critics say Trump has been so fervent against China, it has emboldened some people to lash out at Asians in America.

    Ahmaud Arbery Family Attorney Says FBI Conducting Criminal Investigation ... D.A.'s, Cops on the Hot Seat


    The lawyer for Ahmaud Arbery's family says the federal authorities met with them last week and said they have launched a criminal investigation into the conduct of 2 district attorneys and members of the police department that allegedly covered up Ahmaud's killing.

    Lee Merritt appeared Monday on "TMZ Live" and said the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia informed the family they were looking at both civil and criminal action against the officials.

    Merritt also talked about the text message the police sent to a homeowner, telling him if there was "action" on his doorbell he should call Gregory McMichael, one of the accused murderers.

    Merritt worries the police conduct may have effectively deputized the elder McMichael, such that the citizen's arrest laws don't apply and he would be treated as a law enforcement officer. As you know, McMichael's son, Travis, is the one who fired the shots, but Merritt says it could still be a problem given what the police did.


    Nevertheless, the family is pleased William Bryan, the man who videotaped the shooting, has been charged with Ahmaud's death. Merritt says it was especially galling for the family to see Bryan's "media tour" proclaiming his innocence.

    LAPD Horse Ditches Cop Rider ... Evades 'Arrest' on Venice Beach

    An LAPD horse went from trusty steed to fugitive on the run on Venice Beach this weekend after it somehow lost its police officer rider ... then tried to make a clean getaway.

    The wild scene went down Saturday, and it starts out with a cop who somehow came off the saddle and attempted to run down the free-spirited stallion in the sand -- to no avail. It looks like the horse might be freaked out by all the people who gathered around.

    Yeah, that probably didn't help ... it quickly became a spectacle.

    Eventually, the big fella found his fellow horse pal standing calmly nearby with its own rider mounted on top ... and he finally settled down enough for the frantic officer to catch up and rein him in, literally. The horse stopped putting up a fight and allowed itself to be led away.

    What's crazy is that once the horse was away from the massive audience, it still was being a little stubborn and jittery. But, alas, the cowboy cop broke the bronco once more ... and got back on the horse.

    No official word on if they rode off into the sunset together -- probably not, it was still around mid-afternoon here.

    Daytona Beach Party Cash Me Outside

    Volusia Sheriff's Office

    We just wanted to give you a taste of what's going on with all the folks who just regained freedom ... and it's insane.

    A throng of beachgoers -- around 200 -- descended on a car on one of the main drags of Daytona Beach to catch a few bucks. Someone inside a car was throwing cash out onto the street from the sunroof, and bedlam ensued.

    It got so crazy one of the deputies trying to restore order reported over his radio he heard gunshots. He didn't ... it was a car backfiring.

    Daytona is just one of the many places around the country that attracts large numbers of tourists and vacationers ... and as we're seeing, lots of folks clearly think coronavirus is a thing of the past, despite every doctor and scientist says the virus is alive and well.

    Daytona is a hot spot for vacationers on long holiday weekends. Let's hope it doesn't become another type of hot spot.

    'Floribama Shore' Kirk Medas Pulled Celeb Card During GA Bust ... Do You Know Who I Am?!??

    TMZ.com / SWNS

    Here's "Floribama Shore" star Kirk Medas pulling the ol' "don't you know who I am?" card on cops during his arrest down in Georgia ... and it backfires in spectacular fashion.

    Kirk was arrested for disorderly conduct this month in Woodstock, GA ... and he tried to tout his celebrity status as he was being hauled off in handcuffs.

    Kirk yells, "I'm on a TV show by the way," as cops slap on a pair of cuffs and curious bystanders laugh as they try to figure out exactly what the hell he's famous for.

    Kirk ain't lying ... dude was a regular on the "Jersey Shore" spin-off ... but it seems he doesn't really know his audience. The bystanders definitely didn't know him.

    As for the arrest ... cops say they were responding to a call regarding a drunk and disorderly male, later identified as Kirk, who had been kicked outta Pure Taqueria.

    Police say bar staff told Kirk he had to hit the road after he threw up, and that's when he allegedly became belligerent. Medas was cited for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

    In the video, you hear bystanders saying cops have their guns trained on Kirk ... but the cops say they just pulled out tasers.

    Bad publicity is good publicity ... maybe you'll be recognized next time, Kirk.

    Denzel Washington Helping a Homeless Man in Distress

    Denzel Washington did a good deed for someone in need Thursday ... helping a homeless man who was clearly in distress.

    Denzel was driving in WeHo at around 1 PM when he saw the man in the street ... in some peril with oncoming traffic.

    MoPho/London Entertainment

    Denzel got out of his car, talked to the man and brought him to safety on the sidewalk. Denzel was wearing a protective mask, but the man he was helping was not. Despite the risk, he needed help and DW was the man for the job.

    Police arrived and as they talked to the man as Denzel continued to comfort him. The man was detained -- not sure why but possibly to make sure he was okay -- then released. It's not clear, but it seems he didn't know who Denzel was, but we do ... a real nice guy.

    Dave East Arrested for Weed, Disorderly Conduct ... As Crowd Heckles NYPD

    Exclusive Details

    Dave East got a lot of support from some onlookers, but it wasn't enough to spring him free after a nasty back and forth with NYPD.

    East and a group of friends were in Queens early Friday morning traveling in an SUV. Law enforcement sources say the driver of the SUV turned without signaling, so cops pulled the vehicle over. We're told officers smelled a strong odor of weed as they approached the driver's side.

    East -- who was sitting in the backseat -- clearly thought the turn-signal justification for the stop was BS ... so he became agitated, questioning the stop.

    That's when a crowd began to form around the SUV.  Cops asked for ID, which the driver forked over, but neither East nor the other passenger provided ID.

    Cops tell us they found 7 bags of weed in the vehicle. Both East and the other passenger were taken in. East got a summons for disorderly conduct and unlawful possession of marijuana. It's unclear why the driver was not taken in as well.

    Dave East's attorney, Stacey Richman, tells TMZ, "I don't perceive that this will result in a criminal conviction, because it does not appear that Dave has been charged with a crime. Under New York law, disorderly conduct and unlawful possession of marijuana are violations -- not crimes."

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